00 Preface

I am writing to give the reader new to project management the best possible framework for success, and to prod [...]

01 The Pyramids

What can we learn from the design and build project preeminent from 2500 BC until the modern age? The Giza [...]

02 The Empire State Building

21 months from title to the site, 18 months from first sketches,  6 months from first steel to 86th floor [...]

03 A Modular Project

In which timing and progress reporting are key to an unusual success.   My temptation is to start with what, [...]

04 Planned and Emergency Turnarounds

Up front planning plus a real time “war room” is the key, here   My first job as a college [...]

05 Conceptual Estimates

Conceptual cost estimating is the task of predicting expected cost for a future project when the form of the final [...]

06 Just give me a number

The boss doesn’t want a range.  Doesn’t want to know about risk nor probabilities.  Fair enough, I guess.  But we [...]

07 Control Estimates

‘What’s normal?”  As the design progresses we can get more accurate in our cost and schedule projections.  We’ll get manhours, [...]

08 Project Execution Plan

The conceptual and control estimates have required assumptions about how the work is going to be executed.  It is time [...]

09 Contracts

Excellent contracts are almost always found around excellent projects, some of it likely cause and effect.  But I rarely see [...]

10 A house project

Sometimes, a handshake really is the best contract.  The right owner and the right contractor, each responsible for his/her part [...]

Appx 01 Four-point Work Package Dancecard

    It’s about getting the right things to the right people at the right time to save money and [...]

Appx 02 Partioning Tasks

On a large projects, how much do you partition the tasks?  Consider learning curves and conceptual integrity before over-partioning.   [...]