from the “Preface”  (haiku format):


I am writing

to give the reader new to project management
the best possible framework for success,

and to prod the experienced project manager
into thinking harder and deeper
about what really works and why.

I am fascinated by the process in which
good and true thinking,
courage and competence,
produces results.  Keeps its promises.

Designing and building great things is one of life’s most noble efforts,
and it ought to be fun and profitable.


Purpose and Format


I have assembled a series of posts – the ones you see on the home page with picture captions.  These started out as a thirteen week lesson plan for an introductory class I proposed to teach within the Project Management Master’s degree program at Montana Tech.  It was also to function for the background reading for team-teaching the stochastic chapter with Sam Savage at the Stanford Advanced Project Program.  During this process, I promised an advanced copy of my best thought on Project Management to an experienced executive but new to the PM role who was leading a fire rebuild, with $5million/day incentive to complete.  His work completed, with a tiny help from me, so here’s to you.


But…. these are still posts.  Organized initial thoughts.  I invite comments.


I plan about a 4:1 editing program before advancing to publishable papers.